Survival and Conditions
Living comfortably in Athas is extremely difficult. Metal armor of any sort is impossible to wear without quickly becoming exhausted. Almost all weapons are made out of bone, obsidian, or wood. The sun of the desert is constant and unrelenting, and most people are close to hunger or dehydration.

Everyone heals 3 Vitality points per day, and if they receive medical attention, 1 Wound per day. If well fed, this increases to 5 Vitality and 2 Wounds. This does not include magical sources of healing.

If you roll both a natural 20 and a natural 1 within two turns with a non-metal weapon, the weapon breaks. Metal weapons, in addition to having difficulty breaking, grant a +1 on attack rolls.

Equipment not maintained with a difficulty 15 Armory roll is subject to breaking down or rusting in a short period of time.

The Domestics or Nature difficulty of finding food for everyone in the party is 15 plus 2 for each additional person past the first, plus 4 for each Half Giant, minus 1 for each Thri-kreen.

Everyone requires at least one gallon of water every day, and Half Giants require at least four. Shade (including darkness during the night time) and a lack of strenuous activity both halve this amount. Water must be carried in skins or barrels, or it will evaporate.

If you do not have enough food or water for the day, you do not heal, you take a -1 to all your rolls, and you take 2 Vitality damage. After this, the penalty (along with 2 Vitality damage each time) goes to -2, then -5, then -10, before death.


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