Combat Maneuvers
On your turn, you have a standard action (used for attacks, casting spells, and “major” actions,) a move action (used for moving, getting up when knocked down, moving things around your person, and so on,) and a minor action (used for all other smaller things.) You can “trade down,” meaning you can turn a standard action into another move action, or a move action into another minor.

If you attack as your standard action, you can use your move or minor to add “kicker” effects onto what would ordinarily be normal attacks. Move actions can be used to trade places with your target, to leap on top of them if they are larger than you, or to perform some kind of acrobatic maneuver. Minor actions can be used to add an extra little attack with your fists or feet, to withdraw or toss an item, or add a grapple onto a regular attack.

Grappling is an Athletics roll against another Athletics roll, with an Athletics or Kinetics roll being required to escape the grapple.

Hit points are divided into Vitality and Wounds.

You have Vitality equal to your Endurance bonus plus your level. You have Wounds equal to your Brawn plus half your level.

Vitality represents getting tired and beat up over time, while Wounds represents actual physical hits. All damage is done in Vitality until you reach 0, at which point each time you would take Vitality damage, you lose 1 Wound instead. The exception to this is critical hits. It is possible to get knocked out (according to the GM) when you reach 0 Vitality.

All weapons and attacks do 1d6 Vitality damage unless noted otherwise; smaller weapons do 1d4 and larger weapons do 1d8. On a critical hit (natural 20 attack roll) the damage die becomes explosive, meaning that if you roll the highest number on the die, you get to roll again and add the new roll until you roll something other than the highest number. In addition, a critical hit always does 1 Wound of damage. All successful attacks with Ranged weapons, when used against targets that do not have heavy armor or large size, are critical hits.

Certain conditions and damage types result in extra Vitality loss, 1 per turn until the condition is fixed:
An attack with something sharp that does a Wound of damage has a 50% chance of starting serious bleeding.
An attack doing fire damage has a 50% chance of lighting the target on fire.
An attack doing poison damage immediately starts extra Vitality loss, with other effects later on.


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