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Topher’s Dark Sun Campaign

Welcome to Athas! It will be difficult to survive, and the rewards are probably not worth it! Struggle under the Dark Sun for our amusement and awe!

Wamrackt, Sorcerer King of the City State of Intox, has gone insane. His attempts to create a separate utopia outside the walls of the city, called Intox-Eri, failed miserably. Driven mad by senility and the failure of his plan, he is using all of his defiling power to obliterate his experiment off the face of Athas. The major problem with this is that roughly three fourths of Intox’s population migrated into Intox-Eri. Explosions erupt throughout the alabaster city, and fire rains down from the sky onto the fleeing refugees.

Amid the chaos, a small, influential band of assorted warriors, thugs, and adepts has managed to avoid death. This adventurous group will strike out on their own, forging their destiny in this new world.

This game uses a custom system, cribbing elements from D&D 2nd, 3rd, and 4th edition, as well as the FATE system and my own games. The goal is to encourage roleplay while making the system itself fast and simple. For a list of things to know, read these:

Main Page

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